"We are simple, friendly, punctual and honest.
Our integrity and hands on approach has impressed most of our clients and we, as a firm, invest in building long-term relationships of trust."
Ralph C. Robert, Director
2012 RRA Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.
Our Experience
The firm has over 10 years experience in assisting companies with a wide range of requirements. The knowledge and experience we bring to the table helps shorten the time you take to implement your plans and the associated risks.

Our Size and Structure
We are a medium sized firm with a flat corporate structure. This means that your business would benefit from our internal quality reviews and at the same time you would also have quick responses to your queries.
Our Cost
Our fees are very reasonable considering that you would have a team of dedicated and competent people at your service.

Our Ability to Reduce your Risks
Our experience helps you reduce risk by avoiding the pitfalls that others have experienced. Where we provide you support services, we as outsourced service providers are able to reduce the risk of attrition of key personnel and also with the knowledge and experience we have, we reduce the compliance related risks.